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Who: Kria and Open
When: The beginning as far as we know.
What: A girl who hears voices and her partner.

She rolled her wrists carefully and hissed at the rough feel of rope against the jutting bone, they'd been left alone for the moment, which meant she had a brief chance to express her ire. Yes, she disliked being bound thank you. "So, lawman," she noted, rolling her wrists again and hoping for a bit of slack, "we are caught. I hope you have brilliant plan..." because anything less would probably get them killed.

Hell, if she'd been wise she'd have run the moment he turned his gaze from her those years ago, but no, her damnable curiosity and a chance to balance the scales had held her when most others would have fled. She'd become something of an unwitting partner since then, the thief and light fingered side to person she'd been been bound to. Thank the Loa he was honorable because she didn't know what she'd have done if the man had been a rake hell.

Probably poisoned him, honestly.

"If they try to bury us as thieves together, gonna tell the Gods you're a lawful sort..." she noted. Ah, was that a touch of give in the binding? It could be her imagination but it could be...and what was a little skin compared to a death before she was due? "Idiots and blind fools the lot anyway. Think the microphone is on? Can swear a blue streak if it is..." she'd put the energy out, easy! If it was funny later anyway.
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