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Who: Kria, Mikal
When: Several years back
What: Some paths diverge.

"Kria! Kria dammit woman will you stop?!" Mikal growled, reaching forward to snag her arm as she stormed down the road. "You stop and you talk to me!"

"Why?" Kria shot back, anger making the natural command in her voice snap like a whip. "So you can agree with your people? You can tell me I done wrong?" She hadn't. Sure, she'd probably been supposed to walk the path of assurance, sooth the people and comfort them, assure them their time would come...

...but that didn't put roofs over heads. Gods could only do so much in this world and a whole neighborhood was going to be bought out from under their people!

"Don't put words in my mouth!"

"Then don't glare at me!" she shot back, yanking her arm from her brother so she could cross them across her chest, shell bracelets clinking against each other softly.

Mikal pinched the bridge of his nose and muttered to himself a moment before taking a deep breath and smoothing out his features. "I'm not mad you sister. I'm not. It's just not...what you should have done."

"Should have?" she growled. "I could have Barrula danced, made accident happens, puppet the developer around until he lost his job, but it would all have taken time, and little bits of our worlds here would be eaten away each time, because there are always more men to hire to work a property! And where would we have housed everyone?"

"We have the community halls, spare rooms..."

"Not enough," she laughed. "Not enough to heal people who have lost their homes. SO I did not work as a priestess, and THAT is why everyone is so angry."

Mikal tried another deep breath and then admitted they weren't helping at all. No amount of deep breathing was going to calm him down. "What if you had been caught, Kria? What if you had been killed? Kill a priestess on that land and it dies as sure as bulldozer. You at risk, that is what frightens everyone."

"Power power power," she muttered. "Everyone, all day, about power. Because we born with it we must never be anything else? I am better, far better, at what I did to buy those lands for us, than in a circle but you will chain me because I could be hurt?"

He winced because that was...their belief wasn't about chains. That she could feel them meant something was very wrong. "We're needed, Kria..."

"I filled a need, Mikal. I did it my way. Their homes and families and faith are safe now and no one can buy that land from me, I won't allow it." It hadn't even been hard, not like trying to lead her people was. Caring for them, yes, but leading? It was a headache, like chasing smoke with a fork, nothing easy or right about it! Ah, but slipping into buildings and fighting locks and security systems? That had been so simple, and proper, and right feeling. "And the Loa were with me, Mikal."

He'd...been afraid of that. "Honest?"

"Don't lie about the Loa, Mikal. I never would." She finally ran a hand up through her hair, anger fading into tiredness now that her work was done. "Here, my choice, Hougan, my words to your ears. I grant my brother, My Mikal, and my Hougan, my strength. All I have is his. I will work with what amuses the Loa to grant me alone. No priestess I, no leader. My voice, my vision, all that would bind me I grant to one who sees it as freedom. If time turns and this path finds me again, should it be the proper thing, my Hougan may grant my strengths back. There. Now I cannot be used against you and you will never lack," she shrugged.

Mikal couldn't answer, he was busy bracing himself against the nearest building as what he had to work with...doubled. At least. It was a true gifting then...

"...not easy path either of us, Mikal," Kria noted, watching him. "But maybe right ones. I take you home now, tomorrow you speak in my voice and make our people feel better. I do love them...even when they make me angry."

"I know Kria..." he managed, draping an arm over his sister's shoulders so she could guide him down the street. "I know."
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