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Nôl folded her legs under herself, making the dark, polished, and antique wood of the chair creak alarmingly. It just always had to speak up about the job she was doing didn't it? She wasn't the first Community Section typist there had been and didn't it just love to remind her of that? Lot of history in that chair, and probably more tears of frustration than blood and sweat honestly...

"Nôl Nôl Nôl baby...where's the passion?!"

How was she suppose to 'spice up' the biweekly 'Mrs. King's dog is missing again, please report any missing limbs via her mailbox and don't stare if you see it headed home' ad?

"How about, hmm, doodles? You've got that sketch pad!"

"Last time that started a scavenger hunt and half her dog was reassembled by the girl scouts as a party game." The limbs changed after all, no one knew what to expect...except when some did.

"Right, right and then they wanted prizes, scratch that idea. Hmmmm. How about you add a bit? Someone has to have sent a few more announcements!"

"Gilly will kill me." For stealing the lead 'reporters' thunder with the dramatic announcement she'd slid into the woman's to do box

"Oh? Then you should absolutely write it! Gilly has the flu!"

"If she does kill me please turn in my assignments I can't afford to fail since you don't pay death benefits to work study," she chuckled.

"Damn right, and make it interesting! Engaging!"

"Sure." Yup.


'The Local honeybee Foundation will be accepting donations during tomorrow's fair. Please attend.


We realize the Girl Scouts have been out in force recently and cookie reserves are claiming funds but the honeybees are perilously close to disappearing this year after the cold snap.

We all would miss them.

All blood drive, toy drive, and game booths will be diverted to honeybee wellness benefits. Please attend all events. Win honeybee prizes and crystal tickets for your efforts.

We are not accepting home bottled blood donations this year due to lack of canning quality control and pectin content(we all know whose fault that is).

Guest appearance by the Drones, everyone's favorite twenty part harmony band! Children's tickets are fourteen crystal tickets, adults, twenty.

Dream Honey and Mead available in the beer garden, ticket prices vary.

Remember the honorable service honeybees provide our community!

And what happens when the honey stops flowing.

"See, now that will get them buzzing!"

Nôl groaned, obligingly, and carefully took her name off the column, yes, back page community news or no, best not to risk that particular threat to life and limb hmmm? "See you at the fair?"
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