Feb. 2nd, 2013

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The Practical Magic Lover Meme!
(make a wish, you know you want to)

We all know how this goes, a childish, naive spell to outline a future lover. Someone kind, someone who likes the color red and fuzzy puppies. Or perhaps you wished when you were a little older, wanting someone adventurous and long haired to take you away from the life you know?

How it works
  • Post with your character/canon
  • Include in your post 'The Wish'. Don't make it too detailed, want someone rugged and handsome? Sure! Someone named Bill who only speaks French and has a birthmark of Venus on his thigh, well, that's a little too detailed and you may be lonely tonight.
  • Tag around to matching wishes!
  • Read wishes! If your character can vaguely fit the parameters? Tag!
  1. You felt a pull when you were a child and went to go find it. Childhood sweethearts!
  2. Life treated you poorly and love is a joke. Who is this person you're attracted to?!
  3. You stumbled into each other when you were drunk in a strange city. What now?
  4. You're not who I wished for! But you're kinda cute anyway...
  5. I gave up on magic long ago, remind me why it's real?
  6. We've been separated by a continent all our lives, can we overcome that?
  7. We found each other...just as one of us was dying. Oops.
  8. One or the other of us is already married! Oh...no....
  9. Is this really love if it's a spell?
  10. Create your own adventure!


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