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Have you ever closed your eyes and blown out your birthday candles?
Made a wish as you puffed dandelion seeds away?
Rubbed a lamp and hoped for genies?
Did you think very carefully about what you were wishing for?

Remember dear children, mother always said 'Careful what you wish for'.

The world doesn't work on magic and make believe and nothing is ever free.
A cost is in every dream,
a price to be paid by you and by me.
Change the world...
...and it may change you back.

Where's the fine print?

  • Post with character/canon/preferences
  • A STARTER IS A GOOD IDEA. After all, only you know your wish. It's alright if you can't think of anything but don't say you weren't warned!
  • Just to check if you read these things, the fifth answer is D.) Artichoke
  • Pick a scenario/wish/consequence or use a handy RNG
  • As ever, be awesome little players!

  1. Just wished: Whatever the consequences this is just as you've made your wish, this is when everything is coming true!
  2. Mid-Wish: It's been a little while and maybe you're not as content as you thought you'd be?
  3. Late-Wish: You can see the light at the end of the tunnel! It's...coming apart isn't it?
  4. Post-Wish: All you have left now are the pieces, and the price.
  5. Ashes to Ashes: How did things spiral so badly? You can't even remember what you used to feel like.
  6. Mix and Match: Exactly what it sounds like!
  •  Wisher: You made the wish, you had the dream and whispered the words.
  • Bystander: You're just dealing with the fall out here. Maybe they tried to shove the price on you?
  • Fixer: You can see the world going wrong around people...perhaps you can stop it?

  1. Time: Like the tale of the man who wished for eternal life without eternal youth, age and time have gone odd on you. Maybe you're living at an accelerated rate? Perhaps a slower one? Maybe you woke up from a sweet dream a thousand years away?
  2. Servitude:  Phenomenal Cosmic Power...itty bitty living space. You may live large for a while but the cost in the end is your freedom...or perhaps someone else's? Someone is paying a price in bondage to this wish. 
  3. Blood: It always come back to blood doesn't it? Some dream are built on armies, some wishes lead to war, and some are just personal enough to require all your future children...who knows? Do you care?
  4. Madness: Some just aren't equipped to be happy. Or so they say. Getting everything you want can make you see things, make you hear things...echoes from what your life could have been? Glimpses of what it should be?
  5. Souls: Oh the classic Bargain; everything you could desire in exchange for your soul. Or your soul and a few others. Who's counting? As you go on, as you live, you slide slowly into darkness, corruption...Hell is waiting....or any other place that deals in souls honestly.
  6. Jading: Oh how the fates can twist a wish. Sweets slowly lose their temptation, savory it's appeal. Pleasure and pain hold little difference and you've seen and done it all in time...what's left? What won't you do when you fall?
  7. The GM HATES YOU: Did you double check that wish? Period in the wrong place? A questioning lilt when you said it? What can't an evil minded diety do to a poorly thought out wish?
  8. Genie: Ah, the Djinn folk were cursed to stay in bottles for their ruinous power; they tore worlds apart in their games and reach. Now you've found one...you get three wishes, but then the Djinn is free...and is likely to kill you. What now? Do you know how hard it is not to wish for things in casual conversation? That being is hovering, waiting, breathing down your neck and counting your pulse while it waits on your whim...
  9. Create Your Own Adventure: There are minds far more twisty than mine out there, use them! Prices I haven't named and ideas I haven't uttered. Run wild with them!

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