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Who: Eris and Franken-Kain
When: Does it matter?
What: A rabid little plot bunny that sprang into random RP. A young girl is trapped in a dangerous place and isn't sure why but she needs a protector.

Her shaking fingers felt along the cold armor plates of the man she'd tripped over. A body, what else could it be in a place like this? It seemed a trap; a terrible place created just to tear at the mind and to destroy the body. She'd been taken from her bed, and in other circumstance she'd have pitied those who took her.

Her family was not one to anger and they'd tear worlds apart to find her...but little good that did her here and now, defenseless and alone in the twisting, winding stone rooms that led randomly into danger or clinical, safe boxes for a bit of rest. She was no warrior, no fighter, she was a student! One of her father's aides! And death...

...oh death frightened her. Her family was taught and raised to understand that they were tied to forces in strange ways, that every child would express unique and uncanny gifts and to never be afraid, because fear let powers destroy little girls and boys. Still, where her sisters could fly, or paint rainbows in the sky, and her brothers could dance with fire or or turn their limbs to metal...

...well, she brought back the dead. Sort of. She hadn't wanted their pet to be dead and so it wasn't. She was too young to know that the dog wasn't just playing when it died, and it was a perfectly lively dog when she was nearby. It was when she was away at school or shopping with her mother that the corpse showed it's true state. That the dog whimpered and whined in pain it couldn't escape from.

It was a dog, it loved her, even when it knew things weren't right and it took months for her family to convince her that she was doing wrong somehow. That had scarred her. She'd promised to never do it again. Her power wasn't one that anyone should have to suffer through and so she'd avoided tombs and graveyards, shied away from topics of the dead until turning fifteen and getting...taken. And here she was, blood slowly dripping down her cheek from a cut she'd taken and hands on a corpse once more.

Heaven help her.

"Please...I'm sorry. I need help." And she let the power free.
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