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Who: The Nix
When: Just before her wedding
What; The Nix thinks about things!

She paused, going deliberately still so she might see herself in the mirror. A hollow-eyed and shadowed creature looked back at her, oddly resplendent in her wedding gown. Tradition said she should marry in white, but...she didn't think that was best. She knew herself, and while she had loved no other yet in her life yet, she was not as young and pure as a human might be.

No, no pure white and snowy dress for her.

Instead a compromise. Was that to be her lot in life? A balance between what she was and what he would wish?

Wedded, yes, that was what it meant.

Her dress had white lace made by hands far smaller than even hers; grace notes on the darker, shadowed fabric beneath. The white rode like foam upon the wave of her body. Fitting for the woman her love intended to wed. Sea foam and ocean; mystery and the grace of what humanity saw. Yes, it

For her.

Would it work for her love?

She watched herself in the mirror and truly this was one of the first times she had been still enough to observe herself in glass. It would...he wouldn't deny her because she did not find white to be fitting...right?

His priest was kind; the man had traveled to their home in Germany to speak with them. To counsel them on their children to discuss a balance of responsibilities in their marriage. He was a kind man. He'd been bemused when she said she would happily have any children he graced her with.

Her people were short of children these days; heroes were so very rare. Not in how often they were born but in how often they recognized what they were. She would...

...yes, the thought of Simon's children had made her smile visibly at the priest. Plural. They'd spoken of children in the plural and she had been so happy to hear of others who thought of such that her hair had stilled for a moment.

No...he'd not change his mind now...right?

This was so new, so strange, that she couldn't help but ask herself these things. A human turned salamander and a nix?! Who had ever heard of such binding themselves to one another? She smoothed a hand over the nap of the lace, feeling the smooth glide from lace to silk and she smiled.

No, the ring on her finger, the promise ring, a symbol, assured her that Simon meant to carry through this strange thing. She lifted her gaze from the inky depths at the edges of her dress to the cerulean tones that hugged her ribs below the snowy white. Simon would be red to her blue; yes. He was waiting.

She turned to face the door, hair lifting in a halo of anxious energy, and his Majesty laughed. "Anxious?"

A single word to cover so many emotions. She knew all the steps, what would come next in word and action, she could trace the future in her head...and yet she still stared at the elf in her room with something approaching panic. Holding slim hands out to him she couldn't help but ask "You'll stand?"

"I will," he assured. Simple, easy words as he let her hair wash over him. "It's time."

"Yes," she agreed. "It is."
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