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Who: Krissa and Avan
When: A few days after she convinces him to go gallivanting.
What: So....she picked up a complete stranger and belated realized that. Oops?

She watched the stars wheel and redefine themselves as points instead of smears then grinned at the glass an inch beyond her nose. She was safely away from most major gravity wells now, she couldn't even feel the tingle of a planet. She wasn't sure how everyone else lived with the crushing, hulking solidity of planets really.

Sure, scientists said gravity was necessary to be healthy and such but it hadn't hurt any now had it?

No, she was pretty sure her spotty memory was from other things. And her bones were just fine thank you.

Oh, wait, she wasn't safely away from anything. They were. Um.

"This is a ghost ship," she noted. "Empty last I stopped in, but some operating atmo still. We can use the kitchens? It's a hide spot. I don't remember why." The pod spun lazily on it's axis to show off the dead hulk instead of the empty space around it. Laser marks suggested that the derelict had survived (barely) some sort of war, and this was a still pocket in space where things 'washed up'.

That or maybe Krissa had put it there. Who knew?

"Ever space walk?"
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