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The future is what you make of it
We've all read the stories and seen the movies; the future is coming. It may not be pleasant, but we can't escape it.
This is a world where cities have built upon the bones of themselves for so long that no one remembers what 'dirt' is unless you mean 'grime'. A place where the rich and privileged touch the sky, the middle class dreams of the stars, and poor downtrodden have the power to change things if they'll only reach for it.

  • Post with your character/canon/preferences
  • This is a meme that encourages AU craziness but allows for canon integrations so decide what you'd prefer
  • Read through options and choose what you like, or use a handy RNG if you're stuck
  • Include a starter if so inclined
  • Tag out, have fun
  • Change the future
RNG AIDS: Class (1-12), Prompts (1-25), Optional (1-5)

Scenarios/Prompts/Options )
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Don't look behind you.
You won't like what you see.
Or maybe you will?
You're being followed...
Warning: Individual Threads may contain triggers
  • Post with your character/canon/preferences
  • If you have a particular scene you wish to play out, post a starter for players to work from.
  • Pick or RNG for setups if you're stuck!
  • Follower or Followee have fun.
  • Try to tag out people.

Prompts/Scenarios )


Feb. 9th, 2013 10:59 pm
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I have recently started creating memes. I try to make them interesting and different from those I generally find out there. If you have suggestions/comments/concerns please leave a message here.

ALSO you may view the memes I have created here. I do not mind if you cross post/repost them to other sites to play in, but please credit me and link me to the post if you are able.
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Because you needed it!
Everyone knows somebody who could use a pet in their life, right?
Or maybe you just wanted an excuse to give them something?
Or maybe you're part of the Frog Rescue Society and you're tired of waiting for people to adopt?
Whatever your reason, you are giving/getting an animal!
  • Post with your character/canon/preferences
  • Pick a pet or use handy RNG!
  • Tag around
  • Look for the deeeeeeep inner meaning of the pets given to you. Or flail.

Read more... )
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So you were just minding your own business one day and suddenly there was SCIENCE. You're not sure how, you're not sure why but now you're not alone. Literally. Maybe you were surgically attached to someone as per the three legged race, maybe you can hear their thoughts in your head, but solitude is no longer an option! What do?

  • Post with your character/canon/preferences
  • Starter optional
  • Pick an option or use a handy RNG.
  • Play on

Connections )
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The Practical Magic Lover Meme!
(make a wish, you know you want to)

We all know how this goes, a childish, naive spell to outline a future lover. Someone kind, someone who likes the color red and fuzzy puppies. Or perhaps you wished when you were a little older, wanting someone adventurous and long haired to take you away from the life you know?

How it works
  • Post with your character/canon
  • Include in your post 'The Wish'. Don't make it too detailed, want someone rugged and handsome? Sure! Someone named Bill who only speaks French and has a birthmark of Venus on his thigh, well, that's a little too detailed and you may be lonely tonight.
  • Tag around to matching wishes!
  • Read wishes! If your character can vaguely fit the parameters? Tag!
  1. You felt a pull when you were a child and went to go find it. Childhood sweethearts!
  2. Life treated you poorly and love is a joke. Who is this person you're attracted to?!
  3. You stumbled into each other when you were drunk in a strange city. What now?
  4. You're not who I wished for! But you're kinda cute anyway...
  5. I gave up on magic long ago, remind me why it's real?
  6. We've been separated by a continent all our lives, can we overcome that?
  7. We found each other...just as one of us was dying. Oops.
  8. One or the other of us is already married! Oh...no....
  9. Is this really love if it's a spell?
  10. Create your own adventure!

Pup list

Jan. 30th, 2013 10:08 pm
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Rachel Grey ([personal profile] futures_of_ash) X-men AU
Kit 'Ghost' Pryde ([personal profile] pryde_and_grit) 489 universe X-men evo AU, canon, several AUs
Jono 'Chamber' Starsmore ([personal profile] bionuclear_heroics) Gen X AU
Penance 'Penny' ([personal profile] carats_and_apples) Gen X AU
Clarice 'Blink' Creed ([personal profile] noteasytobepink) Exiles + Exiles AU
Tandy 'Dagger' Bowen ([personal profile] dagger_dancer) Cloak & Dagger
Remy 'Gambit' LeBeau ([personal profile] red_on_black) X-men & AU

Jo Raven ([personal profile] loquacious_raven) Baker St.
Mary-Jean Parson ([personal profile] 1_of_13) Baker St.
Nick Fayre ([personal profile] nick_fayre) Baker St.
Eris Alquinnis (run through [personal profile] steahl) PSL
The Nix (run through [personal profile] steahl) PSL

Books & Non-Marvel Comics
Khemrys ([personal profile] homeless_pard) Tales of the Witchworld 3; Wereflight ~Author permission~
The Flea ([personal profile] persistent_itch) PS238 ~Author permission~
Kernan ([personal profile] waits_at_the_maze) The Locked Maze
Gokudera ([personal profile] unrelenting_rhapsody) KHR
Miyu ([personal profile] crimson_ribbon) Vampire Princess Miyu
Vanya Hargreeves/White Violin ([personal profile] scorned_progeny) Umbrella Academy
Barbara 'Babs' Gordon/Oracle ([personal profile] delphi_bat) Birds of Prey/DC comics

Aya Brea ([personal profile] mitochondriaaya) Parasite Eve
Pierce Carradine ([personal profile] techie_prowess) Parasite Eve 2
Larxene ([personal profile] harmitwithspark) Kingdom Hearts

Movies & Cartoons
7 ([personal profile] septenary_soul) 9
Batou ([personal profile] missesthemajor) Ghost in the Shell SAC
Invader Zim ([personal profile] irken_nature) Invader Zim
Brainy ([personal profile] in_no_sense_civilized) Gremlins 2: the new batch
Abe Sapien ([personal profile] honest_fish) Hellboy
Hinata Hyuuga ([personal profile] softer_strength) Naruto
Kiba Inuzuka ([personal profile] fangs_of_konoha) Naruto

Used to run (make me an offer to pick up again)
Hatsuharu Sohma ~ Fruits Basket
Takashi Morinozuka ~ Ouran High School Host Club
Sarah (Marrow) ~ X-men
Callisto ~ X-men
Spiral ~ X-men
MO ~ Wall-E

~~~RP wishlist~~~
I'd really like to talk with anyone who plays a Shino (Naruto), Diego Hargreeves/The Kraken (Umbrella Academy), or any version of J'onn/Martian Manhunter (DC comics)!
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Gladiatorial Combat Meme!

Who doesn't like fighting? Characters, players, the heat of battle is a great place to gather CR! So we bring you the crowd. The rush of the scene, the thrill of battle or the sated daze of boodlust. Version 1.0, bring it on ladies and gents.

This meme may contain triggers
(also may be processed on machinery that has touched allergens be warned)

  • Basic RP courtesy rules apply
  • Post with character/canon/preferences (starter optional)
  • Tag and be cool to one another
  • Those with powerful characters/insta-winners may choose to be limited in some way. Power repression collars, fields around the arena, battle gods saying 'uh no' what ever!


Jan. 2nd, 2013 11:20 pm
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What: Ficlette (rp)
Who: Rachel Grey with guest appearances
Where: DC Universe (New Frontier), post movie.

Years like sand )
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Who: Krissa
When: Pre-RP
What: The price of being a space-path isn't all it's cracked up to be sometimes. Otherwise known as 'point folds are fun'. 

Now where did I put that rye? )
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Who: Krissa
When: Pre-RP
What: Krissa learns that it's hard to make it in the universe when one has limited means. She's working on that though.

Seriously, I'm the life of the party! )
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Who: Gibbous and a Serial Killer somehow
When: Sept. 15th, 2012, early evening.
What: A woman in a cafe working her ways. Another random RP starter for Souji!

But so too the Moon )
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Who: Jo and Peeta
When: Just post escape from Maison
What: Two kids wake up in a strange, mist enshrouded world but at least they aren't alone?

...but then realized I had never closed my eyes. )


Aug. 11th, 2011 02:51 am
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It's a thought, passing, about age.

Several events occurred recently to make me feel incredibly old. Sometimes I have to sit back and actually add on my fingers and toes to figure out how old I am again. I'm old. Older than I was, not as old as I used to be, and finally acting my age.

What does that mean?

Well, for one, it means I've learned to take advice. I don't dismiss others casually unless they've proven themselves repeatedly to be idiots. Even then I tend to think on what was said and inspect it from different angles long after an encounter. I am not RIGHT. I can be correct, I can be unmistaken, veritable, and true. I can be right, but that isn't a state that I alone can claim. Often I need to consider and adjust my views, that is the essence of growth, of change, and of aging into something worthwhile.

I like to think. Once upon a time not long ago but certainly far away I used to think that thinking was a means unto itself. I was bright, I was intelligent, and that was all that I needed. Now I realize that like every other child out there I could plan beautifully inside my own head I had certainly not experienced the array of things a life can provide. I have made idiotic mistakes all the worse for my self-vaunted intelligence. Now I can recognize the trap for what it is, and I try not to fall into too often.

I've learned to care. I verged on sociopathic for a very long time, a coping mechanism I picked up when my family and I stayed overly long in a shelter for the battered and abused. It was a place where caring led to bleeding, and it was a habit hard to shake. It led me down paths, both romantic and non, that damaged me more than I care to admit...but I'm finally on my feet again.

I don't rebel simply because I can. Rebellion...it's something I never thought of as a major problem in my life because I did not do it in any of the traditional ways. I was the responsible one. The little adult. The trusty girl. My rebellion was subtle, insidious, and damaging. My rebellion was against those I thought were treating me as a child. Against people who wanted to share wisdom. I thought of myself as an elder, and I comported myself as such...so of course I had to be an elder, wise and knowing didn't I? I barred myself from considering anything offered to me in kindness as advice or suggestion because I didn't need it, and that made me bleed as well.

I learned that in the absence of true wisdom, in a void of adult understanding and consideration emotion grows. Usually turbulent emotion. Fear. Anger. Sadness. These emotions lead to isolation, paranoia, depression, obsession, rage, fearlessness, euphoric addiction, and many others. It leads to the highest and lowest points of a teenagers emotional fluxes, only refined and prolonged to insane and dangerous degrees. Without a support structure to help curb and restrain these once-dodged emotions, the emotions I 'skipped' when I skipped my teenage years, I would have crumbled. To a degree I did anyway and now I'm learning to pick up the pieces.

There is a reason suicide rates increase in the early twenties rather than decrease after the teenage years. Suicide rates, accident rates, burnout rates, death rates.

Growing up is grueling and I can understand why many people try to hide from the process.

Many don't do it. Or complete it.

Recently I've encountered many people that seem so incredibly, naively, young and yet their ages range from true children to those nearly double and triple my own actual age. They're frozen. Stuck. Uncomprehending that they're still children and still need to learn that they are not sufficient unto themselves.

Worse, and frustrating, is the fact that this kind of life experience cannot be learned from books. Words don't mean a damn thing as much as I adore them. The harshest part of realizing I'm an adult is seeing the children and being unable to help them avoid the harsh lessons of growing up. If I speak up, if I interfere with their paths, I'm lecturing. Or patronizing. I've slid into the role of adult and as such I can only watch the train wrecks around me as others try to grow up.

As for my own life now, train wrecks and all, I'm glad I live with adults. I'm glad I live with supportive people willing to deal my occasional lapse into childish mulishness. After all, no adult is perfect.

RANDOM EDIT: SEND ME PICS.: Of anything. I want pics. I'll do summat with them I'm sure.
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I've been watching far too many Batman cartoons. So here's a game.

Respond to me and I will go through your likes on the info page. From there I'll pick something to be your villain theme/obsession.

I will also roll some random dice to tell you if:
~you have goons(can be animals), partners/family members, or prefer to work alone.
~are named for a physical trait/deformity or for your obsession.
~use guns (either laser or normal) or have a themed weapon.
~have special abilities or just your own twisted ingenuity.
~were born with your oddities/abilities/psychosis or if something strange happened.
~your cell number at Akham when you're there.
~if you remain evil all your days, are killed, or redeemed(either turned to good or 'cured' for normal living).
~prefer life in a mask/costume or no.
~exist in the normal world of Batman or in the future world of Batman Beyond.

You will tell me a bit of your characters history and their names, etc. Let me know what your brain does with info I provide! Sound entertaining?


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