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Birthdate:Oct 1
Location:Washington, United States of America
Generally I write, and work, and daydream a great deal. Those who've stumbled on this bio probably have done so through RP. For ease of your brains and puppet master like detail arrangement I give you the...



Rachel Grey ([personal profile] futures_of_ash) X-men AU
Kit 'Ghost' Pryde ([personal profile] pryde_and_grit) 489 universe X-men evo AU
Jono 'Chamber' Starsmore ([personal profile] bionuclear_heroics) Gen X AU
Penance 'Penny' ([personal profile] carats_and_apples) Gen X AU
Clarice 'Blink' Creed ([personal profile] noteasytobepink) Exiles + Exiles AU
Tandy 'Dagger' Bowen ([personal profile] dagger_dancer) Cloak & Dagger
Remy 'Gambit' LeBeau ([personal profile] red_on_black) X-men & AU

Jo Raven ([personal profile] loquacious_raven)Baker St.
Mary-Jean Parson ([personal profile] 1_of_13) Baker St.
Nick Fayre ([personal profile] nick_fayre) Baker St.
Eris Alquinnis (run through [personal profile] steahl) PSL
Glass ([personal profile] glass_walls) PSL

Books & Non-Marvel Comics
Khemrys ([personal profile] homeless_pard) Tales of the Witchworld 3; Wereflight ~Author permission~
The Flea ([personal profile] persistent_itch) PS238 ~Author permission~
Kernan ([personal profile] waits_at_the_maze) The Locked Maze
Gokudera ([personal profile] unrelenting_rhapsody) KHR
Miyu ([personal profile] crimson_ribbon) Vampire Princess Miyu
Vanya Hargreeves/White Violin ([personal profile] scorned_progeny) Umbrella Academy
Barbara 'Babs' Gordon ([personal profile] delphi_bat) Birds of Prey

Aya Brea ([personal profile] mitochondriaaya) Parasite Eve
Pierce Carradine ([personal profile] techie_prowess) Parasite Eve 2
Larxene ([personal profile] harmitwithspark) Kingdom Hearts

Movies & Cartoons
7 ([personal profile] septenary_soul) 9
Batou ([personal profile] missesthemajor) Ghost in the Shell SAC
Invader Zim ([personal profile] irken_nature) Invader Zim
Brainy ([personal profile] in_no_sense_civilized) Gremlins 2: the new batch
Abe Sapien ([personal profile] honest_fish) Hellboy
Hinata Hyuuga ([personal profile] softer_strength) Naruto
Kiba Inuzuka ([personal profile] fangs_of_konoha) Naruto

Used to run (make me an offer to pick up again)
Hatsuharu Sohma ~ Fruits Basket
Takashi Morinozuka ~ Ouran High School Host Club
Sarah (Marrow) ~ X-men
Callisto ~ X-men
Spiral ~ X-men
MO ~ Wall-E

~~~RP wishlist~~~
I'd really like to talk with anyone who plays a Shino (Naruto) or any version of J'onn/Martian Manhunter (DC comics)!

Interests (8):

a bit of that..., booooooooooooks....*grabby hands*, ecclectic. a bit of this, fixing things, puzzles, rp, scrabble, season sets! so...chunky?
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