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Have you ever closed your eyes and blown out your birthday candles?
Made a wish as you puffed dandelion seeds away?
Rubbed a lamp and hoped for genies?
Did you think very carefully about what you were wishing for?

Remember dear children, mother always said 'Careful what you wish for'.

The world doesn't work on magic and make believe and nothing is ever free.
A cost is in every dream,
a price to be paid by you and by me.
Change the world...
...and it may change you back.

Where's the fine print?

  • Post with character/canon/preferences
  • A STARTER IS A GOOD IDEA. After all, only you know your wish. It's alright if you can't think of anything but don't say you weren't warned!
  • Just to check if you read these things, the fifth answer is D.) Artichoke
  • Pick a scenario/wish/consequence or use a handy RNG
  • As ever, be awesome little players!
Take a breath...close your eyes... )
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Welcome to my lair on Skullcrusher Mountain!
It's about love! Or maybe not so much!
It's about crazy, yes I agree.
And what's that thing they call Stockholm?
Well who cares, what matters is that you're here with me!

(May or may not contain: Triggers, nuts, mad science, MacGuyver skills, poisonous octopi, and soy.)

[Song here! By Jonathan Coulton!]

  • Post with character/canon/preferences
  • Post a starter if you have an idea! FEEL FREEEEEEE!
  • TAG AROUND like mad little things!
  • Pick a role/Scenario or use an handy RNG
  • Feel free to mix roles. Want to run a Madman against a Madman? Sure! Want to be two henchman gossiping about the boss's crush? That's awesome! Two people captured together? Right on!
  • HAVE FUN. That's an order.
Roles/Scenarios )
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Balance is an important part of an individual; it allows social interaction, growth, emotional well being...
This meme isn't about those well balanced people.
This is for the broken. The made weapons, the trained killers, the children raised in chains and those born lacking.
This is for you...
...and those that keep you from burning the world.


  • Post with Character/Canon/Preferences - this last one is important people. This meme can go into dark places and taggers need to know up front what you're comfortable with.
  • Starters are encouraged if you have an idea for your character's role in this situation
  • Read through the options, pick or use a handy RNG.
  • This meme allows for AU options, sudden family relations, etc etc. If you prefer to stick to your own canon mates or previous taggers etc list this fact in your preferences.
  • The Broken People can ALSO be Balancers. Being broken doesn't stop you from fixing someone's world, don't hesitate to mix roles.
  • Tag around
  • Have fun, be brutal, balance it out!
RNG aids: Roles: Broken (1-12), Balancer (1-19) Scenarios: (1-17)

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Feb. 14th, 2013 12:58 am
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The future is what you make of it
We've all read the stories and seen the movies; the future is coming. It may not be pleasant, but we can't escape it.
This is a world where cities have built upon the bones of themselves for so long that no one remembers what 'dirt' is unless you mean 'grime'. A place where the rich and privileged touch the sky, the middle class dreams of the stars, and poor downtrodden have the power to change things if they'll only reach for it.

  • Post with your character/canon/preferences
  • This is a meme that encourages AU craziness but allows for canon integrations so decide what you'd prefer
  • Read through options and choose what you like, or use a handy RNG if you're stuck
  • Include a starter if so inclined
  • Tag out, have fun
  • Change the future
RNG AIDS: Class (1-12), Prompts (1-25), Optional (1-5)

Scenarios/Prompts/Options )
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Don't look behind you.
You won't like what you see.
Or maybe you will?
You're being followed...
Warning: Individual Threads may contain triggers
  • Post with your character/canon/preferences
  • If you have a particular scene you wish to play out, post a starter for players to work from.
  • Pick or RNG for setups if you're stuck!
  • Follower or Followee have fun.
  • Try to tag out people.

Prompts/Scenarios )
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Because you needed it!
Everyone knows somebody who could use a pet in their life, right?
Or maybe you just wanted an excuse to give them something?
Or maybe you're part of the Frog Rescue Society and you're tired of waiting for people to adopt?
Whatever your reason, you are giving/getting an animal!
  • Post with your character/canon/preferences
  • Pick a pet or use handy RNG!
  • Tag around
  • Look for the deeeeeeep inner meaning of the pets given to you. Or flail.

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So you were just minding your own business one day and suddenly there was SCIENCE. You're not sure how, you're not sure why but now you're not alone. Literally. Maybe you were surgically attached to someone as per the three legged race, maybe you can hear their thoughts in your head, but solitude is no longer an option! What do?

  • Post with your character/canon/preferences
  • Starter optional
  • Pick an option or use a handy RNG.
  • Play on

Connections )
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The Practical Magic Lover Meme!
(make a wish, you know you want to)

We all know how this goes, a childish, naive spell to outline a future lover. Someone kind, someone who likes the color red and fuzzy puppies. Or perhaps you wished when you were a little older, wanting someone adventurous and long haired to take you away from the life you know?

How it works
  • Post with your character/canon
  • Include in your post 'The Wish'. Don't make it too detailed, want someone rugged and handsome? Sure! Someone named Bill who only speaks French and has a birthmark of Venus on his thigh, well, that's a little too detailed and you may be lonely tonight.
  • Tag around to matching wishes!
  • Read wishes! If your character can vaguely fit the parameters? Tag!
  1. You felt a pull when you were a child and went to go find it. Childhood sweethearts!
  2. Life treated you poorly and love is a joke. Who is this person you're attracted to?!
  3. You stumbled into each other when you were drunk in a strange city. What now?
  4. You're not who I wished for! But you're kinda cute anyway...
  5. I gave up on magic long ago, remind me why it's real?
  6. We've been separated by a continent all our lives, can we overcome that?
  7. We found each other...just as one of us was dying. Oops.
  8. One or the other of us is already married! Oh...no....
  9. Is this really love if it's a spell?
  10. Create your own adventure!
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Gladiatorial Combat Meme!

Who doesn't like fighting? Characters, players, the heat of battle is a great place to gather CR! So we bring you the crowd. The rush of the scene, the thrill of battle or the sated daze of boodlust. Version 1.0, bring it on ladies and gents.

This meme may contain triggers
(also may be processed on machinery that has touched allergens be warned)

  • Basic RP courtesy rules apply
  • Post with character/canon/preferences (starter optional)
  • Tag and be cool to one another
  • Those with powerful characters/insta-winners may choose to be limited in some way. Power repression collars, fields around the arena, battle gods saying 'uh no' what ever!


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