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Who: Kria and Open
When: The beginning as far as we know.
What: A girl who hears voices and her partner.

...things happen as they do. )
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Who: Krissa and Avan
When: A few days after she convinces him to go gallivanting.
What: So....she picked up a complete stranger and belated realized that. Oops?

It's not like there's a lot of room in here anyway )
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Who: Krissa and NPCs
When: Just before (and after) she meets Avan
What: A spacepath and an omnipath walk into a bar...

They all lead to a single place. )
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Who: Krissa & Avan
What: A random starter for random rp between [personal profile] steahland [personal profile] souji_kun. Apparently we have a space pilot and a psionic getting into trouble. WAY TO GO US!

...just about anything can happen )
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Who: Krissa
When: Pre-RP
What: The price of being a space-path isn't all it's cracked up to be sometimes. Otherwise known as 'point folds are fun'. 

Now where did I put that rye? )
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Who: Krissa
When: Pre-RP
What: Krissa learns that it's hard to make it in the universe when one has limited means. She's working on that though.

Seriously, I'm the life of the party! )
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Who: Gibbous and a Serial Killer somehow
When: Sept. 15th, 2012, early evening.
What: A woman in a cafe working her ways. Another random RP starter for Souji!

But so too the Moon )


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