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Balance is an important part of an individual; it allows social interaction, growth, emotional well being...
This meme isn't about those well balanced people.
This is for the broken. The made weapons, the trained killers, the children raised in chains and those born lacking.
This is for you...
...and those that keep you from burning the world.


  • Post with Character/Canon/Preferences - this last one is important people. This meme can go into dark places and taggers need to know up front what you're comfortable with.
  • Starters are encouraged if you have an idea for your character's role in this situation
  • Read through the options, pick or use a handy RNG.
  • This meme allows for AU options, sudden family relations, etc etc. If you prefer to stick to your own canon mates or previous taggers etc list this fact in your preferences.
  • The Broken People can ALSO be Balancers. Being broken doesn't stop you from fixing someone's world, don't hesitate to mix roles.
  • Tag around
  • Have fun, be brutal, balance it out!
RNG aids: Roles: Broken (1-12), Balancer (1-19) Scenarios: (1-17)


  1. Created Weapon (Active): You are exactly what you were made to be. The government,  private collector, it doesn't matter who made you, you don't admit you feel, you rarely think, you're a weapon and you're very good at your job.
  2. Created Weapon (Inactive): You worked, for a while, but something went wrong. Your program was retired, you questioned an order, or you simply got old and injured. Now you're held somewhere, possibly sedated, hidden away because the public wouldn't understand but you want out...or maybe you already escaped...
  3. Born That Way: Monsters exist and sometimes they wear human skins. It's not your fault really, someone messed with your mother before you were born, you have eel DNA, human flesh is just so damn tasty, and you just don't have the ability to care about most humans out there.
  4. Raised That Way (child): Mom and Dad say we protect the farm, I can kill you with my brain, and I was raised by wolves.
  5. Raised That Way (teen): My parents are crazy but I still have habits, I left when the farm burned down, the foster system....hahahahahaha the foster system.
  6. Raised That Way (adult): It's tradition really and it's kept us going this long, my land, my hunt, my rules.
  7. Broke That Way: It's not how you started out, but somewhere along the line there were terrible things. Abuse, torture, something twisted you and the only way to survive at all was to become something inhuman.
  8. Insane: You're really just that crazy. You might remember why, you might not, but the world around you isn't safe and half of it at least isn't real!
  9. Freak: Mutants, mistakes of the lab, alive because you escaped the scientists or because they wanted to see what you'd become, hybrids, bit by radioactive hamsters and cursed by gypsies.
  10. Alien: You don't get humans because you're not human. Why not do as you please?
  11. Other: Not covered above? Go for it anyway!
  12. Double Duty: You're broken, yeah, but you're helping someone too. Roll twice, once for the Broken and once for the Balancer.
  1. Parent: Of course they listen to you, that's your kid and you love them.
  2. Sibling (twins): You're twins, you have an unbreakable bond and you know you're the only one who can help them.
  3. Sibling (older): Hey, the little one is your responsibility, they always looked up to you and you may not have been the best role model but you learn from your mistakes!
  4. Sibling (younger): You believe in your older sibling even when no one else does! They always treated you well and tried to look out for you!
  5. Child: It isn't easy being the child of such a person but you're their Hope and you won't let them forget that.
  6. Beloved: Even the broken know true love. One sided or mutual, love can help a person control themselves and change.
  7. Lover: Hey, it's not a fairy tale romance but you've got some sway!
  8. Friend: You're the one they trust come thick or thin. It's not a romantic love, but you're there for them
  9. Handler (newbie): It's your job to wrangle people like this and you've read all the manuals! Oh....hell....who did you get paired with?
  10. Handler (veteran): It's an easy job as long as you follow the rules. You know the right things to say, you know the right things to do when they're agitated. You may not call them by their first name but you're trustworthy in your own right.
  11. Mr./Ms. Right: Somehow, someway, you're just...right for them. Maybe it's your scent, or the tone of your voice, maybe you just feel soothing.
  12. Samaritan: So you found someone bleeding in an alley, or raided a lab to free the animals and sprang their cage too, hell, maybe you worked at a soup kitchen and they drifted in...
  13. Mutual Gain: You're not in it because you care; they help you, you help them, it works out.
  14. Dumb Luck: You found them tangled in a tuna net, or asleep in the back seat of the car you jacked...
  15. You Owe Them: They have something on you, they saved your life, they saved your sanity...
  16. Worthy Prey: They'd really love to hunt you some time...when you're worth the effort. Until then they'll hang out and make sure no one else touches you.
  17. Purpose: However else you may feel about them, you can give them a Purpose.
  18. Other: Not found above but you're rolling with it anyway!
  19. Double Duty: Just because you can balance someone out doesn't mean you're not broken in your own way. Roll twice, once for Breakage, once for Balancer.
  1. Get Me Out: Out of this program, out of this lifestyle, away from these people. It doesn't matter from what, one or the other of you needs to escape.
  2. Mine Will be the Hand: The Broken person went too far and you owe it to them to put them down cleanly. It's a damn hard hunt though.
  3. Take Them Apart: One or both of you have enemies that you need to take out before you can rest.
  4. Running: It's just best if you keep moving. Away from the crimes, away from anyone after you, just away. The other person may or may not be along voluntarily.
  5. Keep Me Entertained: One or the other of you is just playing until you get bored...
  6. Mission: You're doing the job, you're running the mission (this may or may not be a valid mission).
  7. Pretty Make-Believe: You're both pretending to be normal right now. Neighbors, a home, long can you keep it up?
  8. Slipping: Broken people have habits and they've been...slipping...recently.
  9. You Never Told Me!: Your Balancer doesn't know your dark past...until the kidnapping/helicopter assault/fireballs....
  10. Down the Rabbit Hole: They didn't mean to suck you into this life but you're a target now. Best learn to survive in it!
  11. Off the Grid: You're both living mean and dirty, under the radar to stay safe...and that puts a strain on things eventually.
  12. Crime Partners: One has the skills and the will, the other has the drive and the brains or any combo thereof...but why live low when you can live large?
  13. Birds of a Feather: You're both broken but you manage between the two of you...mostly.
  14. You Were Gone: Helping keep someone sane can wear on a person. Maybe the Balancer walked out, maybe the Broken person didn't want to be the reason they committed suicide...
  15. You were Taken: Oh, it's on now.
  16. Lost: There's no bottom to this hole, you lost your Balancer and now you're spiraling. Maybe you'll find another, maybe you'll find someone to help you make them suffer...
  17. Create Your Own Adventure: It's a dark world out there and it's dangerous to go alone.
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