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Feb. 9th, 2013 10:59 pm
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I have recently started creating memes. I try to make them interesting and different from those I generally find out there. If you have suggestions/comments/concerns please leave a message here.

ALSO you may view the memes I have created here. I do not mind if you cross post/repost them to other sites to play in, but please credit me and link me to the post if you are able.
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So, I don't have a PLURK, I don't text, and I sure as hell don't Facebook. You want to get in touch with me and AIM isn't cutting it?
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Who: Kria, Mikal
When: Several years back
What: Some paths diverge.

And then some we don't. )
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Who: Kria and Open
When: The beginning as far as we know.
What: A girl who hears voices and her partner.

...things happen as they do. )
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One of the students had given her a headset as a library fine, it wasn't comparable, no, but it had bought the child a few more days to find the book before she found it herself. The strap felt odd running under her chin, but she certainly couldn't wear it over her head as the manual suggested. Luckily the microphone was adjustable and could swing back down by her lips properly.

A touch of a button and the headset was ringing through to the phone on her desk and beyond. Ah, certainly useful. It meant she didn't have to climb down from the shelf she was checking. "Evening, Simon," hmmm, yes this shelf HAD been shuffled around a bit. That was one of many aspects of having to make the library public that she didn't care for, children in a rush mishelved things.

Factor in the ability of some of her texts to wander of their own accord and it meant she had to check each shelf when evening fell. "Do you think your student will think to look in his club room? I am glad I set hair in the binding when last it was repaired..." Tsk, students.
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Who: Anise
When: Eh, who knows, no timeline for this charrie!
What: A weaver isn't just a myth in this world, but finding them is the trick.

All shining light and slipping shadow )
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Who: The Nix and Salamanders
When: Some decades after The Nix falls for Simon.
What: The nix takes an immense risk forthe man she loves.

If it is a trait of the species? )


Nov. 1st, 2013 03:36 am
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So, yeah, it gets late, I'm talking with Australia and one thing leads to another and...

Sock patterns lead to foot upgrades and yeeeah. )
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Who: Krissa and Avan
When: A few days after she convinces him to go gallivanting.
What: So....she picked up a complete stranger and belated realized that. Oops?

It's not like there's a lot of room in here anyway )
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Who: Krissa and NPCs
When: Just before (and after) she meets Avan
What: A spacepath and an omnipath walk into a bar...

They all lead to a single place. )
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Who: Julia, The Nix, Simon, a stressed teacher.
When: Julia's first grade year
What: Some family trees are more, or less, complicated than others.

...has no idea how this garden grew. )
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Who: The Nix
When: Just before her wedding
What; The Nix thinks about things!

I must say I will )
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Who: The Nix, The Alumni, and Simon Lee
When: Some time in happy AU from Maison land!
What: There are those who never forget, and even quiet little things may be terrible at times.

Is to realize it may be lost )
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Who: The Nix
What: The Nix muses and researches.
Where: Schutzhafen Universe, on campus.

I've considered it myself but I don't know who to pray to. )
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Who: Krissa & Avan
What: A random starter for random rp between [personal profile] steahland [personal profile] souji_kun. Apparently we have a space pilot and a psionic getting into trouble. WAY TO GO US!

...just about anything can happen )
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Who: Eris and Franken-Kain
When: Does it matter?
What: A rabid little plot bunny that sprang into random RP. A young girl is trapped in a dangerous place and isn't sure why but she needs a protector.

And once upon a time she promised not to... )


Mar. 18th, 2013 10:36 am
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Have you ever closed your eyes and blown out your birthday candles?
Made a wish as you puffed dandelion seeds away?
Rubbed a lamp and hoped for genies?
Did you think very carefully about what you were wishing for?

Remember dear children, mother always said 'Careful what you wish for'.

The world doesn't work on magic and make believe and nothing is ever free.
A cost is in every dream,
a price to be paid by you and by me.
Change the world...
...and it may change you back.

Where's the fine print?

  • Post with character/canon/preferences
  • A STARTER IS A GOOD IDEA. After all, only you know your wish. It's alright if you can't think of anything but don't say you weren't warned!
  • Just to check if you read these things, the fifth answer is D.) Artichoke
  • Pick a scenario/wish/consequence or use a handy RNG
  • As ever, be awesome little players!
Take a breath...close your eyes... )
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Welcome to my lair on Skullcrusher Mountain!
It's about love! Or maybe not so much!
It's about crazy, yes I agree.
And what's that thing they call Stockholm?
Well who cares, what matters is that you're here with me!

(May or may not contain: Triggers, nuts, mad science, MacGuyver skills, poisonous octopi, and soy.)

[Song here! By Jonathan Coulton!]

  • Post with character/canon/preferences
  • Post a starter if you have an idea! FEEL FREEEEEEE!
  • TAG AROUND like mad little things!
  • Pick a role/Scenario or use an handy RNG
  • Feel free to mix roles. Want to run a Madman against a Madman? Sure! Want to be two henchman gossiping about the boss's crush? That's awesome! Two people captured together? Right on!
  • HAVE FUN. That's an order.
Roles/Scenarios )
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Balance is an important part of an individual; it allows social interaction, growth, emotional well being...
This meme isn't about those well balanced people.
This is for the broken. The made weapons, the trained killers, the children raised in chains and those born lacking.
This is for you...
...and those that keep you from burning the world.


  • Post with Character/Canon/Preferences - this last one is important people. This meme can go into dark places and taggers need to know up front what you're comfortable with.
  • Starters are encouraged if you have an idea for your character's role in this situation
  • Read through the options, pick or use a handy RNG.
  • This meme allows for AU options, sudden family relations, etc etc. If you prefer to stick to your own canon mates or previous taggers etc list this fact in your preferences.
  • The Broken People can ALSO be Balancers. Being broken doesn't stop you from fixing someone's world, don't hesitate to mix roles.
  • Tag around
  • Have fun, be brutal, balance it out!
RNG aids: Roles: Broken (1-12), Balancer (1-19) Scenarios: (1-17)

Roles/Scenarios )
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